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    Will McMillian
    January 26, 2024

    Literally the worst Pharmacy I've experienced at a Costco, from the many I've been to. Have been throughout Ontario and Nova Scotia, and dealing with these guys ain't worth the discount — unprofessional gate-keeping power-trippers, every exchange is a hassle. It's a very strange experience just to get a refill or discuss a situation.

    Philippe Duprey
    October 13, 2023

    If I did not have to use the Costco pharmacy, I would go elsewhere. They are typically too busy to pick up their phones, and the staff at the drop-off counter is consistently gruff, making it feel like a chore to get information. Long lines are the norm, and the wait times can be quite frustrating. On top of that, during my last visit, I wasn't sure if the attendant who helped me seemed sick and out of sorts, either that or she really did not like working there. I hope they can improve their service in the future.

    Linley Isaacson
    September 21, 2023

    Horrific Service, beyond rude Pharmacy assistants that will laugh in your face and Pharmacists that happily enable this attitude and have you walk out crying when you went in just asking for help with something simple. I have been a Costco member for 8+ years and have usually gotten my prescriptions filled at Costco because you would think it is a company wide principal that they take care of their customers.. Time and time again this pharmacy misses the mark. And only Courtenay Costco pharmacy, as I absolutely love my Costco Pharmacy back in my hometown I will be taking my business elsewhere and HAPPILY pay more not to be talked down to and made to feel less than. I think you need a refresh in staff and maybe your 2.6 stars will go up to 4. Do better as this is disgusting and unacceptable like many others have stated.

    olive gaboury
    December 15, 2017

    To be fair, I’d say 2.5/5 but can’t split a star. This is the lineup you have to wait in whether you’re picking up a prescription or paying for alcohol swabs which for some strange reason are hidden behind the counter. Service is impersonal and slow. Workers never seem pleasant nor willing to help out. You get the feeling it’s a factory where pharmacists never look up from counting. Prescription filling fees are lower here than in other stores though so if you can stand the lack of service and long waits, get prescriptions here

    Petra Geyer
    August 08, 2022

    Costco will not dispense more than a month at a time for blister packs - and since the automatic refill option cant be used, if you have blister pack, I need to call in every time, and often have difficulty reaching the pharmacist. In BC, Costco does not dispense more than one month of blister pack at a time. Furthermore: I am a regular client, and should not need to reach out every month asking them for my refill. Costco in Ontario were more customer oriented and called me every 3 months 2 weeks ahead of time, asking if there were any changes, and a week prior to my pills ending, I received an automated message, telling me what date pills were ready for me to pickup. I also received automated message to do my blood test, if I was on my last month that my prescription was ending. Why can Costco BC not do the same....this would be a step forward in customer service and convenience. The only reason I continue with Costco Courtenay is that the dispensing fee is the lowest, since I am on very limited income. I voiced this and was told that I can always use a different pharmacy other than talk about trying to keep with the times much? Would this not improve overall customer service - since I can't be the only client struggling with the issues described above.

    Costco Pharmacy

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    588 Crown Isle Blvd, Courtenay, BC V9N 3P9, Canada

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