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2729A Moray Ave, Courtenay, BC V9N 8M9, Canada

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    Aubrey Lively
    October 14, 2023

    Greg and the team at Dry Automotive are amazing. Great rates, awesome service. Doesn’t charge you for what you don’t need. I had been there a few times, as my Ford Escape likes to act up. I recently had a throttle body issue with my Escape, engine light on and not safe to drive. Greg held my vehicle and the part for a few days, while I waited for Ford to decide if it was covered under their service bulletin. When Ford didn’t do anything (no surprise there), he had my new throttle body installed in a few hours, despite being fully booked. He squeezed it in between jobs, and got me back on the road! We recommend Dry Automotive to all our friends and colleagues, they are honestly the best in town!

    John Hatch
    October 04, 2023

    Always impressed with the service I have received from Dry automotive. Greg and his team are extremely good at their job. They all go the extra mile to ensure you are treated fare and stand behind their workmanship. It is very hard to find a good mechanic and I am so glad I found Dry Automotive. I highly recommend this fine team of automotive mechanics to take care of your vehicle.

    Daniel Boot
    November 08, 2023

    ... we can't say enough about the excellent service we received from John and the staff at Dry Automotive. We appreciate the integrity and the honesty of the inspection received. We highly recommend their service. They clearly presented the issues and I was impressed with the immaculate work bays. FIVE STARS!

    Michael J
    January 21, 2022

    Very disappointed. We thought we had found an honest mechanic in Greg. I’m sorry to say we were sorely disappointed. We came to Greg with an old car with some significant issues that we weren’t sure would be worth repairing. We paid for an inspection that Greg told me would be very thorough – I was under the impression that this meant the whole car would be inspected and thus any repair suggestions he made thereafter would result in the car being safe and roadworthy. After the inspection and quote for repairs, I convinced my girlfriend to go ahead with the $1800 service because I trusted Greg, he seemed very honest and upfront about the work he was about to do. Less than a month later, coming back from Vancouver something strange happened to the steering. It felt a bit like we were ‘floating’ sometimes when we turned. We knew the tires were old, so we assumed that this was due to bald tires. We slowed down and drove very carefully. Back in Courtenay the next day, my partner’s dad looked under the car and saw that an integral part of the rear axle had broken (see pictures). Thinking back to the night before, I was extremely upset that my girlfriend and I could have been in a serious accident, and assumed that this issue must have, or should have, been spotted when the car was at Greg’s shop. We went to see Greg that day. He looked underneath and then told us that he had informed us of this issue/concern. Both my girlfriend and I are certain we were never told about a condition of rust that could result in such a break in a few weeks time… I immediately started to get upset that he would lie directly to our faces to avoid any responsibility. As we pressed him further and denied that he ever told us about this, he became more vague, saying that ‘we had talked about how old the car was and that it had rust on it’… Again, we have no memory of him even mentioning rust... I got very angry that he would keep denying responsibility when, in my mind, it was a question of our safety (perhaps lives even) versus $1800, an insignificant sum in the long run. I blew up at Greg and left, and my girlfriend and her dad left shortly after. Later that day, we got a call from someone from his garage, I am assuming a mechanic. He told us that they had never had the car raised up and so had not seen the extent of the rust on the undercarriage… So, either Greg had known that his team had seen the rust under the car and thought he had told us about it, (or, as I think more likely, lied about having told us about it) and then decided that the best way to avoid any responsibility would be to have his mechanic tell us they had never seen the rust at all.. Or, they had actually never seen the rust in the first place and Greg had decided to come out and immediately tell us that they HAD seen it and had informed us of the situation… Either way, it suggests Greg and his team are/were lying. For my part, I guess my ignorance when it comes to car repairs and how garages operate contributed to us never finding out about the rust before heading on our trip… I guess I will have to make sure to get a full safety inspection in the future. I just assumed that when Greg said his inspection would be very thorough and go over the entire car, he meant it…

    florian hebekerl
    March 13, 2023

    Am only temporarily in the area of Courtenay / Comox and these guys from Dry Automotive made my trip pleasant. I told them my left wheel bearing is failing so we made an appointment for a few days later while they ordered the part. Glad they didn’t listen to me cause they wanted to verify my store first and noticed it wasn’t my left but my right bearing. Glad they didn’t take my word for it. Car is pleasant to drive again and I know ahead how much it would be in labour hours. Very fair. I highly recommend this car repair shop, very trustworthy honest and knowledgeable.

    Dry Automotive – Mechanic Comox

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    2729A Moray Ave, Courtenay, BC V9N 8M9, Canada

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