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    February 10, 2024

    Straight Line Painting, owner Marco, completed a superior professional job painting inside our home recently. Marco is honest and trustworthy and we have no hesitation in giving him our house key. Straight Line has been to our home previously for several paint jobs inside and outside our home. We are extremely pleased with Marco's professionalism and attention to detail and his commitment to satisfaction on all work completed. He's very hardworking and always prompt. Several of our friends have also benefited from Marco's expertise. We highly recommend Straight Line Painting, Marco is the only one we will call to paint for us. Sincerely, Debora & Glen

    Brad Debroni
    December 20, 2019

    As one of the owners of a 6 unit building in the village at Mount Washington, I was responsible for arranging the painting of the exterior of the building, and we decided on Marco and Straight Line Painting to do the job. Every owner was impressed with the quality of the work, and with the fact that it was done on time and within our budget. However, his quality work was one small facet of the outstanding job that he did. Our building is 4+ stories tall, so it requires the use of a man-lift to reach the higher areas. Further complicating things is the fact that the terrain around the building prevents moving the man-lift into some areas. Marco was able to work around these difficulties with ease, doing some things that we would have thought was impossible. He was also very cooperative, doing some minor repairs to the building in inaccessible places, but more importantly, he allowed the use of his man-lift so our roofer could perform our annual roof inspection without having to bring in their own equipment, saving us a lot of money. He was friendly and professional throughout, and not even disturbing an unexpected wasps nest changed how he approached the job. He was in constant touch with us, allowing us to schedule our trips to the mountain and inform others in the village of when the work would be done. Basically, Marco did everything he could to make our lives simpler. We would highly recommend Marco to anyone looking to get some painting done up at Mount Washington.

    Audrey Donovan
    April 16, 2019

    This was the easiest painting job I have experienced. It was a most professional job and done very quickly but no corners were cut. My dealing with Marco was great and he couldn't do enough for me. From the beginning to the end it was very easy. You won't be sorry if you choose him to do your next painting job.

    Anne Carroll
    July 24, 2018

    If I could give zero stars, I would. The owner of the company came to our home and visually looked at all the doors to be painted. He quoted $25 per side per door. On the invoice, he charged us $37.50 per side for 6 doors and $40 per side for two doors. He claimed this was ok because to quote: "I'm sorry they were more detailed than I thought originally and $75 per metal door is what I usually charge for those type of doors . I should have taken notes of exactly what doors where in your house to be painted as it had change over time from when I originally looked." Unquote. The doors didn't change. The price apparently did. In addition, none of the edges of the doors have been painted and remain the old white colour that needed to be covered over. When I mentioned this, I was told that Quote: "I have tried to be reasonable and rational but quite frankly you are the most unreasonable, difficult, angry, client I have ever come across and you will not be the first and only client to not pay your bill I gaurentee it." Unquote. The quote included painting strips of melamine on our kitchen that have yellowed over time. To date, there are still several that remain unpainted. Our pantry door was not prepped properly with TSP (as quoted), and so the paint simply comes off at the touch of anything sharp, like a cereal box corner. When we hired Straight Line Painting, we were very clear that we wanted all door hardware removed from the doors to ensure no paint would get on the hardware. They agreed to that stipulation and then they didn't do it. They told me that if I'm not happy about paint on the hardware, Quote: "The paint on the hardware will come off easily with Methal Hydrate , you can get it at Canadian tire." Unquote. There is paint on the door windows that they insist they didn't do (they are the only ones to have painted the doors, and the paint colour on the windows is the same colour as the paint on the door). Despite my sending photographs of all the issues, the owner has not come out to see the problems. The doors were a final aspect of a job that he did for us back in February. He didn't want to do the outside doors at that time and said he would come back in April to do them. We were generally happy with the work done inside the house, with the exception of the pantry door, the melamine strips and the door hardware. He was paid for the initial job, and said he would bill the doors at the time they were done. I paid the initial invoice immediately, and figured that he would make good on the things I had voiced concern about when he came in the spring to do the doors. It took until July (and several reminder e-mails from me) for him to come and do the job he promised to do in April. I understood that he was busy and didn't make a fuss about that. And now he is calling me unreasonable, difficult, angry and has threatened to put a builders lien on my house because his bill is 8 days old and I haven't paid it yet. Which I will. As soon as all the issues are resolved. I would NEVER recommend this company unless you like dealing with dishonesty and questionable integrity. I am loathe to put up bad reviews as a rule, but people need to know what they are getting into when they deal with Straight Line Painting. What we were told is not what we got.

    Grada Donovan
    May 26, 2019

    It's always been a dream of mine to have a Yellow kitchen & now Marco & Straight line Painting made it happen. From the start to finish they did an amazing job & I would highly recommend them for your next re-paint .

    Straight Line Painting and Decorating

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    2611 Kendal Ave, Cumberland, BC V0R 1S0, Canada

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