Fire is Fast

30 May 2023

The fire that recently engulfed the Comox Esso Station was tragic for our community due to several reasons. Firstly, they result in significant economic losses for the affected business, its employees, and the community as a whole. The interruption of services provided by local businesses inconveniences residents and can impact their daily lives. Furthermore, local businesses contribute to the unique identity and character of a community, and their loss diminishes that identity. They also serve as social hubs, fostering connections and relationships among community members, which can be disrupted by the destruction of a business. Emotionally, the loss of a local business can cause grief, stress, and emotional distress for business owners, employees, and community members. During these challenging times, it is crucial for communities to support and assist affected businesses and individuals in their recovery. We will miss the friendly and kind environment of this unique local business.

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