Pollinators Paradise

20 May 2023

Native lilacs (Syringa villosa) grow natively in the landscapes of Vancouver Island and there are plenty of them along the Dyke Rd. These exquisite flowering shrubs have captivated residents and visitors alike for generations.

Vancouver Island’s temperate climate and rich soil provide an ideal environment for native lilacs to thrive. Their graceful clusters of lilac-colored blossoms, often accompanied by heart-shaped leaves, create a stunning spectacle in May. They are well-equipped to withstand the island’s maritime climate, including the cool, damp winters and warm, dry summers. This resilience enables them to flourish in a variety of environments, from coastal regions to inland forests.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, native lilacs play a vital role in the island’s ecosystem. They attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, contributing to the health and diversity of local flora and fauna. Moreover, their dense foliage provides shelter for small animals and birds.

Cultivating and looking after these lilacs is a testament to the islanders’ commitment to preserving the natural heritage of the region. These plants are a celebration of the our biodiversity and a reminder of the importance of native species in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

So, the next time you drive by, take a moment to admire the native lilacs, for they are a true symbol of the island’s natural splendour.

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